Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Intro...First Post

K, so I read blogs often...really clever ones dedicated to all sorts of things by all sorts of people and I think, "So easy!" Then I sign up for and commence to sit and stare at the screen for a good half-hour before figuring out...duh, I should introduce the blog! Clearly I am off to a great start. So, here I go.

Wait...first I wanna apologize to the veterans for scoffing at the difficulty of a good blog. I can only hope mine will be even half as good as some of those I've seen. Okay, now here I go.

I call this blog AmalgaMade, for two reasons: 1) it describes me well, and 2) I really am not certain what I want the main focus of this blog to be. In case you didn't figure it out, the title's really two words, Amalgam, defined (last definition, skip the ones about alloys) as "a combination of diverse elements; a mixture" and the word Made. My intention is to try to be funny, informative, and somewhat helpful in the arenas of fashion, music, movies, hair, makeup, and anything else I can think of as I venture on my "adult", college-graduated life. Well, not college-graduated yet, but I'm getting there...even with words like college-graduated, yeesh.

I wanna make clear, of course, I am a self-described quirky geek with sometimes Southern (read, outdated) ideas on some things. Example 1: I think a cardigan and pearls are classic and chic, but I am not above wearing a necklace on my head as a headband (it was cute, I swear it!). I love trends; I just don't follow them. Often. Example 2: I think that House Party is a hilarious movie, and I loved Pan's Labyrinth's plot and imagery. Hence, grow with me a little while before you decide you hate my odd style, or think it's predictable...I am sort of a mix (there's the amalgam thing...get it? Get it???) So far, I am the only one reading this thing, but I hope my words will lead to popularity among legions of fans...I think 10 is a nice, round number.