Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

This should be my resolutions post, but my only real resolution is to stop making resolutions and go out and just do things. So...yeah. I hope anyone reading this is off to do the same!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

GirlCrush: Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet's recent Vanity Fair shoot

When I was 11, sitting in the three-hour raw-emotions-omgz-drama!!!1!!-fest that was TITANIC, cemented four things for me.

1.) My bladder was not equipped to retain a movie-sized large Dr. Pepper for three hours. (i.e., the DVR pause button would later become my best friend)
2.) Extremely old ladies should not be left alone with expensive things. (particularly those they can lift then conceal on their person, like a ridiculously gaudy but ridiculously expensive necklace, for instance)
3.) Leonardo DiCaprio and I were totally gonna get married. (hey, as far as I know, neither of us is married yet)
4.) Kate Winslet would be my biggest girl crush ever. (well, besides Aaliyah)

11 years later, my bladder's a little bigger, I don't leave jewelry around my aunts and uncles, Leo hasn't met me yet, and Kate is still absolutely fantastic to me, in every way.

For me, "Corset" Kate is what I imagined Bridget Jones as, before the squinting/lip-pursing-session known as the movie, and with a little more attitude. She's stunning, witty, and adorable, and possesses this British charm I hear so much about but can't even begin to see in people like Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley. She's so endearingly imperfect that she could very well redefine your idea of perfect. She's like a throwback movie star from the 50s in terms of glamour and poise, yet is very much ahead of the curve with her honesty about her weight and aging. A few celebrities have followed her lead with Jenny Craig adverts and pushing wrinkle creams and hair dye, although I've never heard of Kate using hers to make a buck.

I've seen pictures of her rough days (honestly, who doesn't have rough days, though?), but they do nothing to sway my admiration of her beauty. It took me a while to realize that this was the same girl from Heavenly Creatures, another movie I'd seen when I was younger, which skeeved me out. She was great in it. I personally feel like she should be one of the highest grossing actresses, since to me she is a better actress and more believable than Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and even Reese Witherspoon. She certainly made The Holiday fun to watch. Meanwhile, I often fast-forward through every cringe-inducing scene Cameron Diaz would stumble through. I don't know how it is elsewhere, but here in my community she doesn't have the instant name recognition the others do. I'd love to mention her and have people name at least two movies they'd loved her in.
Kate in Heavenly Creatures

Also, she and Leonardo were my very first OTP (one true pair), and I still think they'd make a cute couple, truthfully.

Kate & Leo in TITANIC

The only thing I wish she'd change is how "American" she looks now with the tan and the blond hair. Thank goodness she hasn't lost any curves. Also, I'd kill for that Balmain dress (at least, I'm pretty sure it's Balmain, lol)!
Kate & Leo at Revolutionary Road Premiere

But, anyramble, check out Revolutionary Road, which came out yesterday. She and Leo reunite, in what some TITANIC fans wistfully call "a vague representation of what might've been, had Jack not died." Hahaha, it wasn't me who said it, I swear.

Some pics from Faded Youth Blog, via ONTD.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Look-y, Look-y, at what I Took-y!

Pictures! Yay! No, I didn't travel back in time and find a memory card for my obsolete camera. I just commandeered my parents' camera. Anyway, just as I was getting going with the pics, the battery died. Niiiicccce. So, I only have one measly outfit to show you as of now. Anyway, check 'em out.

I haven't learned how to get rid of the time stamp yet. I found my new picture area, too. If I wouldn't get yelled at, I'd totally pose on the piano, but it's damn expensive, so it won't happen. I tried a bunch of angles (variations of this) when I realized I could rig up a bootleg camera tripod that would get closer and show colors and more folds.

So then I took this one to show the awesome pockets on this bad ass dress, and realized I still had on my glasses.

Hat: eBay find; dress, necklace: Express; earrings: ?; bracelet: Icing (necklace, actually); tights: Hue; ankle boots: BCBGirls
I thought this one, sans glasses, was better. No makeup, as usual. I should really look into that, I think. I think I needed more light, but I couldn't get the lighting just right.

I got so many compliments on my tights, all day long, when I wore them that I am considering not wearing them as often as I'd initially planned. I really must get more Hue tights, they are ridiculously soft, warm, and comfy! I actually saw some on Beyonce on some internet scan of Seventeen magazine (had to say that, since I wouldn't be caught dead reading one, despite the habits of my 14-year old self) and began a search for some dope patterned ones and found these beauties! The suede ankle boots are my personal love. Most people hate them for making legs look stumpy. I agree that they shorten legs; I mean, look at mine in the above pictures (usually they are long, lean, and glorious! Hahaha). But, I love love love them. I think it stems from clomping around in my mother's vintage 80's lace-up ankle boots in 8th grade, when they weren't cool at all. I loved them so much she's let me have them now, but they could use a good buff/polish.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Anyone want an antique camera?

Well, it's from like the first series of digital cameras, with the little screen and snail-paced shutter speed, so in its own way it's a dinosaur. I am so pissed! I've been wearing genius outfits (super inspired, even) all damn week, and I can't take any bloody pictures! I let my cousin borrow my camera, so I took out my memory card. Well I got it back, and because my short-term memory is fucking worse than Guy Pearce's in Memento, I can't find my memory card! I went out to buy another one, and not even Office Depot sold the kind of memory card I needed. I'm pretty sure they are bordering on obsolete now. I got one from The Vortex of Consumerism, better known as Wal-Mart, and it doesn't work. So, we had a snow day (!) today and I had all this time to post, and no camera. Blast! Damn it all! I had a post on velvet, but now that it's already cold, even here, it seems damn near irrelevant. But I haven't done a fashion post in sooooo loooooonnnnng! :(

All my tiny camera screen will show is "Card Error" in evil red letters, with ominous music and what I imagine is Satan's laughter booming in the background. All my technology hates me, I think. Even my computer has been flipping me "the bird" lately. Ah, well.