Saturday, May 24, 2008

Six...Well, Five Days Left!

But, in honor of 6 days left, watch Six and the City! And yes, I know I spelled it "six".

This is so adorable, even if slightly risque (to me) for six-year olds! Age 6 Charlotte is just how I would've imagined her!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Everyone Go See Indiana Jones!

I am terrified Shia might ruin it. As much as I adore him, I love Indy more. We shall see.

Image jacked from somewhere in cyberspace.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pump and Circumstance (The Graduation Post)

I had 2 dresses. The reason is because my university is relatively large, so there is a recognition ceremony for the individual schools, and then a big ceremony with orators and such with all of the schools combined.

On the day of the recognition ceremony it rained with utter disdain for the happy occasion, complete with cold winds and chilly temperatures. So, I was incredibly out of place in this number:

Thank goodness we had to wear our robes. But I really like the bold colors of this dress. I wore it with my new favorite foot-murdering Bakers silver peep-toes. I really weighed my options between the two dresses I had regarding the above dress and the dress I am about to show. I felt much more comfortable spending graduation day (with the greeting people and dinner and all of that) under my coat in this dress. To my pleasant surprise, particularly since both were purchased for less than $20 the night before, I got lots of compliments on both.

PS, I realize this post has nothing to do with pumps, I just thought the title was really cute. :-)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feeling Bummy...

Yes, for the past week or so I have felt like a total bum. There was no time between graduation stuff and entertaining the family to post anything, so when I finally got a break from it all, it seemed much more appealing to stare into space and/or watch Family Guy and Sex and the City reruns than post. The last of the family members left on Tuesday, so my hostess duties officially ended. Well whatever...I'll catch you up:

I graduated. Yes, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, magna cum laude. I wanted summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, but really, who doesn't?

My parents cut the umbilical cord, but I have every intention of re-entering the womb. Ahhhh, so to speak. If my Drexel dreams do not manifest themselves, then it is back to the hometown to save up some money working at my mom's practice because the cost of living "up north" is not cheap.

I helped my bff April see the light. She knows what I mean...about a certain famous person, perhaps? ;-) To be fair, thanks to her, I now hate everything about Chris Brown.

Roomie and I are talking again. But, I was still right to begin with.

I missed Kanye West, at his concert and subsequent party in DC...the guy with which I am obsessed. Ask anybody, I have this sick fetish for arrogance. I was devastated, needless to say.

I pierced my ears again. Why? Well, because I am a hard-rocking bad-ass, that's why. I wanted to get the tragus (tragi?) pierced but the place I went to didn't do it. Btw, the tragus is that, uh, flippy thing covering your ear canal. And mine too.

I think that's it. I will post pics of my grad dresses (yes, plural) later.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Desperately Seeking Grad Dress

Graduation Day is looming...just 6 days away! And, like any procrastinator, I have yet to find the perfect graduation dress. I know, I know, it'll be covered by the traditional cap and gown, but why can't I look fab underneath? Plus, there's always the after parties and/or dinner with the family. I previously had a subdued black version of Marilyn Monroe's iconic Seven Year Itch dress lined up and I got it for only $5! Unfortunately, I remembered with dismay that graduation is OUTUSIDE in DAYLIGHT...duh. So, I had been combing the thrift shops fruitlessly for another gem of that caliber when I thought it would be fun to just try on the really expensive dresses in Macy's to make myself feel better. HUUUUGE mistake. I found my dream dress.

A BCBG Max Azria beauty in its simplicity. It's so virginal and looked fantastic on my skin (and no, I am no longer one of those girls who feel depressed trying on clothes because I seem to pick things that look great on me...finally!) while actually fitting in the boob area. This surly (and odd-looking, I might add) model does this dress no justice. I fell in love in the fluorescent-lit dressing room. Unfortunately for me, it costs $388 dollars. Now in the grand scheme of designer dresses, I know that's chump change...but it broke my heart in two.

And now, I have been bitten by the designer bug and further hurt my own feelings by visiting, love of my pampered-undergrad life, bane of my broke-graduate existence. All of these lovely dresses fit my grad-dress criteria, including being statement-making (white does that, right?), sleeveless or strapless, and above the knee. I sure wish I had money. Sigh.

A.B.S. ivory printed crepe belted dress, $155.55
This one's kind of plain-colored but I love the pattern and would wear some loud shoes with it!

A.B.S. ivory tiered silk organza mini dress, 178.50
Ok, so I kinda have a thing for white/off-white dresses. They look so sweet to me!

A.B.S. silver metallic brocade bubble mini dress, $155.55
I absolutely adore brocade! Especially shoes! But, I have a hard time finding dresses that don't look like tablecloths. This one certainly doesn't :-)

BCBG Max Azria ginger geometric jersey halter, price not available but I'm sure it's out of range!
This one is pretty casual, but I love that pattern.

BCBG Max Azria off-white dotted tulle strapless dress, $142.80
I like how this dress is borderline teen prom; it just makes it more endearing.

BCBG Max Azria (again) off-white embroidered mesh strapless dress, $193.80
This one makes me think of Mississippi barn dances that out-of-staters always imagine we have. Backwards as it seems, that is it's appeal.

Betsey Johnson blush ombre taffeta bow dress, $303.45
This is my second favorite of the bunch. I love Betsey Johnson dresses, and the colors make it seem very 3-D. I think you will also notice the running theme of bows blatantly expressed here.

Cynthia Steffe berry floral cotton halter, $168.30
Tied with the above dress for number two! This dress is spring-y and super-sweet.

Nicole Miller aqua swirl print silk chiffon dress, $158.10
I love the blue and the sweetheart neckline.

Nicole Miller daffodil silk chiffon satin trim v-neck dress, $158.10
I officially love every dress I have ever seen Nicole Miller create in gold. They never feel...overdone or tacky.

Nicole Miller olive "Maya oh Maya" silk ruched dress, price not available
This is my favorite one, so it's probably best that it wasn't available on the site, that would just further the torture. I love my figure and am not the biggest cleavage fan (since I have it in most everything, why not?), so I think this would be perfect.

Shoshanna fuchsia herringbone silk v-neck dress, $173.40
I am in love with the color of course. I could stand out anywhere in this!

Tufi Duek lavender jersey "Sthella" v-neck dress, $198.90
This fab!
Vivienne Tam ivory silk lace detail strapless dress, $331.50
I love the mix of gothic lace and innocent white. This dress is fantastic! I could see height-defying bright-colored stilettos with this.
Vivienne Tam silver silk jersey sequin empire dress, $237.15
Absolutely adorable and I am metallic-obsessed (about 2 years too late) right now.

So...does anyone know of some similar looking dresses a cheapie like me could purchase, perchance?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Guilty Pleasures (Music edition)

I love Robyn. Ever since "Show Me Love" back in like '98 or whatever...I can't explain it. She's just fantastic. She has that tinny, pop-y voice, but wonderfully enough, neither her singing nor her songs annoy me, or do my head in, so to speak (I love the way people talk overseas!). She fell off fast in the fickle US market, but Europe knows her...mostly...I think. I love that she writes and produces too. She strikes me as really quirky and kind of strange, but that only makes me like her more. Take a look @ my blogroll..."Konichiwa Bitches" (I thought "beeches" would be much less offensive, haha) is my number 2 favorite song of hers. This is my number one.

"Who's That Girl" has great and simple lyrics, the risk of sounding like a speaks to me, man. Everything she says in the song is how I feel, but I guess music's supposed to do that. Plus I love the music. Electro-pop has always been a guilty pleasure of mine - but just like chopped and screwed music - it has to be "done right" and Robyn does it right.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Got My Computer Back!

It's a miracle! I am so glad to have it back, I have been on it for the past 10 hours or so, like a maniac. My eyes hurt and I have probably given myself eye cancer, haha. No matter, I am so happy! I felt so "uninspired" in the library haha...not that what I do really requires that much thought, huh? Anyway, like I said, my eyes hurt bad...I was eBay shopping and organizing my music. I will definitely post in the next 24 hours. Glad to be back! :-D