Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Kind of Man

Somebody find him and give him my phone number A.S.A.P.! I have "been in love" with Pharrell (of N*E*R*D and the Neptunes, for the cave-dwellers) since the 8th grade (that's uh...10 years?!) But every time I think it may be waning, I read something amazing by or about him or see something like this:

Ugh, excuse the dramatic in me, but I am dying of squee! Personally, I would have made everything on the menu for him, even though as a former waitress, a fast food job sounds like hell on a stick to me. I don't care how deplorable and uninformed this is, but I would have this guy's kids...really. I love stuff like this, and I particularly love when guys can be silly like this. Typically, guys I meet are too concerned with appearing hardcore or something in that vein...but I guess being a millionaire quite a few times over has made the difference in Pharrell: that or he's higher than a Jackie Wilson song. He might just be happy that he and his band of merry men weren't detained in Malaysia.

I recall serenading a group of New Orleans Westbank Wal-Mart employees at 3 am with a song, I think it was something from Usher's "Confessions" album. They were about as amused as the girls in this video, especially when my friend took it upon herself to remove her stilettos. I also sing to anybody who has the good (or mis-) fortune to look into my car when I'm in a good mood and listening to a CD at full blast. I...sound a lot more annoying than I actually am in person, now that I think about it. In my defense, that impromptu early morning medley was under the influence of Everclear and various other liquids that tasted suspiciously like what I imagine drain cleaner tastes like. Well anyway, the video is funny, and I remember playing a hand-clapping game to that song as a kid. That makes it more endearing, I think.

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